Friday, September 19, 2008

Another week...More progress!

Another week and we have once again made great progress! The trusses were put on, roof has almost been sheeted, garage floors poured, porches finished being poured and today the porches are suppose to get their overhangs done. We had another construction worker get hurt. These guys that are the framers climb around in the trusses like they are monkeys! One of them had a nail gun hung over a truss and it dropped down on another guys head! He had 5 staples put in his forehead. We told him that he was just trying to get out of going on his deployment! He leaves for Irac with the Marines in October. Bless his heart...he was back on the job the next day and working as hard as ever! They say that trouble comes in threes, I hope that's wrong. We don't want any more blood at grandmas house!

Jim and I are doing well, Jim loves building houses. He should have been a contractor. Every day it is a struggle to get him to the computer to do a little work. He lives in the skid loader. Every time I go over there he's moving dirt or gravel around! Like a little boy with a new toy! I will have to get a picture of him in his new toy..

We are planning a trip to Disneyland in October with Rusty and Tiff and their children. I am really excited about that. You know it is the happiest place on earth!!!

Dan and April are having a new baby in October and I am going to St.George to help for a few days when that happens. And I am going to stay in San Diego when I'm in California with Russ and Tiff, and meet my sisters for a quick trip to take my sister Mary Kaye to Sea World and then go to Mexico for a drug run. (A few prescription drugs) so October will be a busy month. Here are a few pictures...Love ya Deb

The crane starts lifting trusses on Summer and Corey's House

Without the peak pieces of the trusses, our house looked like a Pizza Hut...I was worried for a bit.

They worked with the crane from 8:00A.M Until about 2:00 P.M. Long hard day for the framers.

It's amazing that someone didn't fall and break a neck!

This is the beginning of the "grandma room" a loft room for my babies!

This is just one of my most favorit pictures.
It just shows a little bit of the furry of activity
that is going on all around us!

Garage floor at Summer's got poured by Dennis and his crew.
His finger is moving and hurting..that's good!

The side of Summer's house with chimney.

Our house with sheeting on .

Our cute little Marine showing off the staples in his head.


Robin said...

Looks like fun. Hey, maybe when you are in St. George I can come see you. Let me know if that would be ok.
Our ward will be split tonight. We are going to be in the Paradise Hills ward now and go to the Mission chapel. The dividing lines are all jagged so we even lose a lot of people from Paradise Hills track. The Morgans will even be in a different ward than us. So next Sunday it will all be different.

Anonymous said...

That is HUGE! I can't wait to see it. You guys always design the most beautiful houses!

BTW Summer mentioned you are going back to LV soon for a visit? Will you check on the Choffee for us?
Love and miss you tons!

cynphil6 said...

OK, it's time for a new post!!