Sunday, September 7, 2008

Be Patient... I'm still getting the hang of this..

Foundation waterproofing and french drain. Jim and Corey had to put this protective sleeve on the drain pipe. I would have loved to have been there and taken a picture of that process!

The house is surrounded by french drains except in the back courtyard and that will have a drain and a sump pump. We should be kept dry!

Temporary power has been our biggest headache so far. Corey (really Jim using Corey's name) had to call the power company three or four times....the last time was not pretty! Corey-Jim really lost his temper! Two days later we had power! The framers were celebrating!

Underground plumbing..

Gravelmaster people putting in gravel. Getting it ready for cement.

Dennis Longfellow and crew working on the floors. Alot of cement. We had three pours. Summer and Coreys house one day...ours the next and then the storage areas the next day.

Dennis Longfellow...this ones for you Isaac!

Summer and Corey's basement.

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