Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Outside is being worked on too!

This is Summer and Cory's front view.

Our front view, the rock has not been done below the bay windows.
This is the back and side view of our house.
The back court yard, and deck.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

More House Pictures

This is one of the piles of sheet rock scrap that I got to load and haul to the dumps.. I was at the transfer station unloading Corey's big pick-up, just going to town chucking stuff out...I looked up and saw people looking at me..Was I revealing something that I wasn't aware of? Maybe a hole in my pants? Was my underware hanging out? WHAT? Then I finally realized that, ya, I have grey hair...Maybe they don't get many grey haired grandmas at the dump transfer station. I chuckle every time I think about it. My grandson, Chase, looked really hard at me the other day and said," Grandma, I think your about the only person I know that really LIKES to work. He's right about one thing. I do get great enjoyment in seeing a job get done and I'm just grateful that I have the health and vigor to do it! What a blessing that is to me in my life.
This is my sewing room, lot's of plugs for sewing machine, serger, ironrite and good stuff like that!
Jim's great handi-work all labeled and hooked up!
This is my entry way, front door, to the right is my sewing room, to the left is Jim's office. In the foreground is the kitchen. The wall for the raised bar is to the right.
This is the grandma room, or the kids play room. Lot's of good times will be had in this room!
This is some more of the junk I took to the dumps. Clean-up seems to be my job.
Another view of my sewing room.
Sheet rock workers are amazing!
These are the stairs to the little boy's bedrooms. I fell down them a few weeks ago and really hit my head hard, but was fine the next day. Only a couple of little bruises. I'm most careful now.
This is Summer and Corey's great room. 18 foot high ceilings. Fireplace with hole for T.V. over it. Their bedroom is to the right, and glass door goes to the porch on the side of the house.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

We've been very, very, busy!!!

My Grand son Chase comes to help....mostly play, but isn't he cute? Just turned 13. such a teenager now!
This was taken before the stucco and rock was going on...We had a 1 inch insulation put on under the stucco to help with heating and air-conditioning cost.

I drag my poor sister over as often as she will come to inspect the progress. She is trying to keep Lincoln warm.

This is the inspector for the city of West Haven, He is a really nice guy and has been pretty cool, a little shy when it came to taking his picture though. Do you see what is by the side of Jim? It's the rough in for my vacumm cleaner that is in the wall! So exciting!

Every kid who comes, sooner or later ends up on the dirt pile! We love to send 'em home dirty when they come to Grandma's!

The last few weeks have been very productive... first of all we had our four way inspection done. That was a mile stone. There was a little punch list of stuff that didn't pass, but after a call to the plumber, framer and a little electrical it passed and before you knew it we were onto sheet rock. I was there when the rock was delivered, just in time to see the boom slam into on of the delivery guys knee. That was a big Ouch! It literally doubled him over in pain. I asked his buddy later if he was Okay and he said, Oh yeah! He'll be fine....Ya, I bet! Anyway that was Monday morning...the sheet rock crew came in that afternoon and by Thanksgiving night, evidently the crew didn't care much to stuff themselves till they were sick, they were done hanging it and went away for a long weekend. Back to work Monday morning and by tonight most of the tape and mud was done and it looks great! So glad we didn't have poor Corey doing it! For those of you who remember the last building project, or should we say nightmare, Corey did all the Sheetrock. Poor boy! It's a good thing we live and learn in life! I think the rock crew will be done by next Weds. and then we can go onto other good stuff.
That's the inside, the out side was being worked on as well. Stucco and rock are almost done. I think they will finish on Monday or Tues. and I will try to get some pictures. Corey has been working on the fascia...we had quite the crew over today to lend a helping hand. Corey's dad, his brother in-law Todd, James, Russell, Jadan, all helped put up the siding underneath the porches. That was a HUGE job! And then Uncle Scott and Jim tried to bring light to the the storage area underneath the porches at Summers house. Thanks to all of those who showed up to help...We really appreciated it! Today was a busy day!

As for me, I had fun today! I cleaned a little of the basement today, Swept up a little corner, and made a break room for the workers. It has a table, chairs, micro-wave, couch and a bunch of drink stuff. How great is that??? I also went shopping with my daughter-in-law and got Jim a Christmas present. "I'm not going to tell!" Let me tell you, if you really don't think this sounds so fun..It certainly was better than hauling sheet rock scraps to the dumps, which was what I have been doing for the two previous days. Did I tell you that my arms and shoulders really are sore today. Well, they are....Okay, I will quit whining now. I'm tired..going to bed now. Love ya. Deb