Sunday, May 16, 2010

Family..nothing like it!

The big question, "Have You got your call yet?" Nope, still waiting. We are in limbo. Trying to be patient and in a race to see if our newly planted grass sprouts, or we get a mission call first! At this point, I'm betting on the grass! We have had a couple of setbacks..First, the stake Executive Secretary was on vacation and our papers couldn't be sent in until he came home. We were so happy to get a call from him on Monday and know that he was back in town. After satisfying a couple of questions about our dentist he sent them in with a click of a button! Yeah! I love electronic mail! That very afternoon I got a call from the Church Medical Dept. Next roadblock. My doctor felt like with the new guidelines for mammograms, that I wouldn't need one. Not the case. I called and made appointment for the next day to go get squished. Then on Weds morning I got a call from the hospital saying that everything was good, but that they couldn't fax the report in until Southwest Medical sent the films from Las Vegas to compare. Now if anyone knows Las Vegas medical system the way I do...I had a sinking feeling. It could be weeks folks! I tried my best to talk her into using the 2004 films that they had on file, and sending the report in, but not sure that all my begging worked. So in a nut shell, our paper work is being held hostage until protocol churns forth. It's Okay. Gives our grass time to grow and me a little more time to get some projects done.

I had a great Saturday. One of my sweet friends that I visit teach, has been in the fight of her life with the state of Utah. They have had a foster son for years in their home and as time passed evidently she crossed the line that the state established. She became his mother. They didn't like this and took him away. Long story short. The court awarded them custody of the boy, he was legally adopted and yesterday I had the privilege of going to the temple and seeing him sealed to his wonderful, amazing , eternal family.

I wondered as I entered that sacred place yesterday, (the same room we had our little Hazel sealed to Isaac and Sara in) if Hestivan could really understand the significance of what was going to take place in a few short moments. You see, he is profoundly disabled, both physically and mentally. Would he understand any of it? But as his crippled, tight fisted little had was placed on his parents the spirit was so strong, I knew that it didn't really matter if he understood. Hazel didn't understand, she was only six months old. But then something so sacred and amazing happened that I almost hesitate to write about it. As the sealer had them look into the mirror as an eternal family. Hestivan started sobbing! Big tears of joy running down his little face! HE KNEW! The Spirit bore witness to us all. His beautiful spirit, trapped in an imperfect body knew the importance of what had transpired there in the temple. Needless to say, we all cried along with him.

That started my morning, then my extended family got together for lunch and to tie a few quilts for one of my nephews. His house burned down in Craig Colorado and we tried to collect a few things for them to help get them started again. No insurance. My family is amazing! There are nine living children, granted we are all getting a little older, but from those nine children we have LOTS and LOTS of loving cousins. Not sure of the count, but I'm sure it's over a hundred. Any way, every head of household, (meaning the old ones, like me) was assigned to have his or her family over a room. Living room, bedroom, get it. I was assigned the laundry room and cleaning supplies. My kids all chipped in and we had tons of fun buying all sorts of stuff for them. The other families did likewise and the result was so very nice. I loved seeing my brothers and sisters and it just FELT GOOD! Like we had done something Heavenly Father would be pleased with. Family taking care of family. Good Luck Devin and Susan! We love you!

Family. That was what this Saturday was all about for me. No matter if it was seeing and feeling one being created in the temple or seeing and being part of a cohesive working family unit..It was a good day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day...

I woke up this morning, and almost forgot it was Mothers Day. No Cherrios in bed, no cold eggs and burnt toast or fighting in the kitchen. Just quiet, a sweet kiss from Jim and my memories.

I loved being a mother. I loved the babies..that first cry. So unmistakable. I still hear a cry in the grocery store....and think to myself, "that's a new one"! Then I think, "that mother must be tired". I loved the 2:00 A.M. feedings, when I got the babies all to myself. To cuddle, sing and tell Heavenly Father how grateful I was for them. Just my alone time with them is a precious memory.

I loved toddlers, preschoolers and all the wonderful time we had exploring the world. I remember running cucumber boats down the Ogden river, finding dead fish and explaining why things die, seeing the world through the eyes of a two or three year old is a special privilege.

Elementary School, thought I'd be so glad to be done with it. Kind of like potty training and chicken pox. But now it's only memories. Good teachers, teachers that tried my patience, playground accidents like Blake breaking both arms on April fools day, and playground trouble, like Isaac letting the air out of all the bikes on the bike rack. Home work, spelling words, and mulipication facts. Smart kids and ice-cream after teacher conferences.

Scrapes, tonsils, back braces, orthodontist bill, new shoes every week, 12 passenger van, marathon grocery shopping, never ending dirty clothes and dishes, sweet notes under my pillow, sticky kisses and amazing madness every single day. Never knowing what was around the corner.

Whew! Before I knew it I had a house full of teenagers! I enjoyed them as well, I loved their friends, their accomplishments, their desire for Independence, bad driving, and never ending hunger. But most of all I loved it that they made me laugh! Our home was always very funny for some reason or other. I still laugh at the antics that my darling teenagers pulled!

And before I knew it they were grown...with children of their own. My grandchildren! What angels from heaven they are. And you don't want to get me started on how wonderful they are. So tonight as I pray..I will thank Heavenly Father for the blessing that I have had to be a mother. I did my best, and have been richly rewarded.