Sunday, December 7, 2008

More House Pictures

This is one of the piles of sheet rock scrap that I got to load and haul to the dumps.. I was at the transfer station unloading Corey's big pick-up, just going to town chucking stuff out...I looked up and saw people looking at me..Was I revealing something that I wasn't aware of? Maybe a hole in my pants? Was my underware hanging out? WHAT? Then I finally realized that, ya, I have grey hair...Maybe they don't get many grey haired grandmas at the dump transfer station. I chuckle every time I think about it. My grandson, Chase, looked really hard at me the other day and said," Grandma, I think your about the only person I know that really LIKES to work. He's right about one thing. I do get great enjoyment in seeing a job get done and I'm just grateful that I have the health and vigor to do it! What a blessing that is to me in my life.
This is my sewing room, lot's of plugs for sewing machine, serger, ironrite and good stuff like that!
Jim's great handi-work all labeled and hooked up!
This is my entry way, front door, to the right is my sewing room, to the left is Jim's office. In the foreground is the kitchen. The wall for the raised bar is to the right.
This is the grandma room, or the kids play room. Lot's of good times will be had in this room!
This is some more of the junk I took to the dumps. Clean-up seems to be my job.
Another view of my sewing room.
Sheet rock workers are amazing!
These are the stairs to the little boy's bedrooms. I fell down them a few weeks ago and really hit my head hard, but was fine the next day. Only a couple of little bruises. I'm most careful now.
This is Summer and Corey's great room. 18 foot high ceilings. Fireplace with hole for T.V. over it. Their bedroom is to the right, and glass door goes to the porch on the side of the house.

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