Saturday, September 13, 2008

Are we having fun yet?

My goal for today is to get something done! Any thing..just something! I feel like all I ever do is flit from one thing to the next. I really get derailed easily. Summer wants me to go get a pedicure with her, my sisters want me to go to a movie with them, Emmy needs some wheat ground, I've been helping Russ move yucky clay dirt out of his yard, Charity and Summer are practicing a violin and vocal duet for sacrament meeting, I would love to go hear that, Jim wants me to go and clean up the construction site and what I really need to do it wash and iron a few clothes, but that has been something on the back burner for two weeks now, so what's new? So what is a girl to do with so many choices?? She's sitting at the computer eating yogurt for lunch and blogging.
Our concrete dude had 5 1/2 hours of surgery to reattach his finger. He has been out at the house supervising his crew. Says that it's bothering him, which I think is a good sign! He has feeling in it if it hurts!
We had trusses delivered this week and the crane will come and put them up on Monday. The framers said it would take all day. I still pinch myself to see if it is really true and do I really have a house being built! Our goal is to get it dried in before winter hits. That means that roof, windows, doors, house wrap, stone, stucco and siding need to happen in the next few weeks. Oh and we don't have garage floors yet, that has to happen this next week or two as well. We should own a cement company for all the concrete that is going into this place!
Love ya all..Chow


Robin said...

Gee Deb, I thought I was busy. I was just telling Billy as we were driving home from the golf course that with golf lessons, school, golf practice, and studying - I should throw in some piano lessons and practice in there too. We are women - we can do it all.
Till now I haven't sat down all day. I think I've hit 4 million golf balls today and I still suck at it.
But now I am eating Cheez-it Twisterz, drinking a Pepsi and blogging. Who could ask for more.
Good luck on your choices. :0)
Love ya

Liz's Blog said...

Hi My Momma Debbie!!! I can't believe you have a blog! I have missed you so much. I have been keeping busy working with the foster kids at Amy's and chasing little Jacob around. Everything is going great but we do miss you tons. The foster kids went back on Friday...Amy should get some rest should check out her blog.
Keep in touch. Love you and miss you tons!!!!

Brooke said...

Its sounds like you guys are keeping BUSY like always! The house is looking great.

We are hoping to have the adoption finialized next month hopefully. Time sure has flown by us. I can't believe it is already the middle of September! I miss you! Love ya, Brooke