Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our First Construction Accident...

Tuesday morning Summer and I were over at the new house inspecting the progress when out of nowhere one of the concrete guys caught our eyes. He had his hand up to his chest and had it wrapped with a brown paper towel. Summer being the quick thinker that she is quipped, "So Dennis, was a trip to the emergency room included in the bid?" I of course, being a little more compassionate asked what happened, at which point he took the paper towel off for a second. That's all it took! We were on the way to the hospital. Dennis was as white as a sheet on the way up there and I kept saying.."I'm not going to loose you now am I?" I was VERY happy to get him to the emergency room! I went and told his wife at the school that she teaches at and then came home. Report as of last night was that he had gone into surgery at 6:30 A.M. yesterday morning to see if they could reattach the finger, his pinkie on the left hand, it is a wait and see thing now. He severed 6 ligaments, the nerve, and clipped the knuckle. How did it happen? He was cutting a piece of sheet metal stuff for the suspended slap front porch cap. His blade broke and it flew off and took his finger with it! He is in a fight with his wife because he thinks that he is going to pour cement this morning at our house. I hope she wins. He is suppose to have his hand over his head for 24 hours. Some of you might remember that Dennis is the guy that Isaac worked for when he got home from his mission. We feel terrible and certainly hope he recovers quickly.

Other news from the Ericksons... Jim officially retired. He is working part time as a private contractor. Most of his time is spent at the house. They made me a V.T. this last week, so I am going out to meet my new sisters today and Crystal is coming home on Saturday. We will be glad to have her home. Wish I had a home...anyway, she will be staying with Emmy as Blake leaves for his deployment to Baharang on the 23rd of Sept.

.This is the back court yard...
Front Porch ready to pour.
This is what Dennis was working on when he got hurt.
Summers House
This is the back of my house. Walk out basement.
This is the staircase to the upstairs boys bedrooms.


Crystal said...

Hey that's me! I'm famous in your blog! Your house is looking like its coming along nicely! I'm so excited to be home... 2 more days! I love you! See you soon!
<3Crystal Beth

Robin said...

Hi Deb - it's your long lost friend, Robin from Vegas. I miss you so much. I want to come visit -I could really use a good long talking session.
Your house looks great and you are doing fantastic on the blogging. See how fun technology is - it keeps us all linked together.
Billy and I are good. We have taken up golf - I am addicted. I'll put some pictures on my blog soon.
Talk to you soon

NanaDixon said...

I believe you are only allowed one accident per construction. So now that you have it over with, you can build with no worries!

Your last house's accident was Scott falling off the roof! (I'm sure you haven't forgotten that day, have you?) So I guess it will be okay for him to work on this house now. The accident already belongs to Dennis.

Great blog, Deb! You are a true techie now!

Love you so much! Can't wait to see Crystal Beth! And thanks to all the Erickson boys for help at MooseWatch Lodge last week.

-- Marcia Ann

Holly said...

Hey Debby! I missed your farwell get together. I'm glad I found your blog. I miss you and hope all is going well.