Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've repented..

Okay, I've been called to repentance... I know that I'm terrible at blogging. No excuses, just a slug , I guess. But my friends have reminded me of my obligation to get on with it so here goes.

Life has been very busy here. The house is moving right along. Jim and Corey are now doing the electrical. It is very cold so I feel really sorry for them that they spend the whole day in a really, really cold environment. Jim comes home and takes a long hot shower and says that it is the first time that he has been warm all day! Yesterday I got an island in my kitchen build, (or at least a wall for it) Jim put it in so he could make sure that it had power in it.

My new house had it's first visitor from Las Vegas! My friend Robin came up and spent a few hours with us! It was great to see her and catch up a little. You Las Vegas friends catch her and have her tell you about the house!
Jim and I took a week off and went to Disneyland with our son Russ and his cute little family. We had a great time and it was a much needed rest for Jim. We even got Mr. Grumpy to smile a few times! Because you know...Disneyland is the happiest place on earth! We also went to San Diego and saw some wonderful sights there. Sea World, Universal Studios, and the San Diego zoo. My three sisters came to San Diego and we met up with them and all had just a great time!

I came home on a Monday afternoon , did a couple of loads of laundry and then took off for St. George to visit my then newest grandchild. Our little Cadence was born while we were in Disneyland so I was just itching to get down there and see him. I came home Halloween morning so I could be up here for Halloween with the majority of the kids. Aliens, Links, Marshmallow men, dancers, Zelda, Why Man, Mini-Mouse and a princess were the little trick-or- treaters that we got to enjoy that night.

Today, we got the first pictures of our very newest grandchild! Our kids in Philidelphia got a five month old baby, Kaitlyn Anya, yesterday. They are still waiting for some final papers to be signed, but we are all hoping and praying for them that all will be done soon. They will be great parents! Ya think I could rangle a trip to Philly for this one? It kills me to think I will most likely have to wait until Christmas to see her. Retirement income and building a house pretty much stinks at times like this.

So I think I've pretty much updated you on what's going on in my life. I will try to be better at this blogging thing. We love you all.. Deb


Brooke said...

Wow! Sounds like you have been busy! Everything looks great, especially the house. I am so glad that Kaitlyn Anya has finally arrived. I know that the wait can be so frustrating!

I am so glad you posted. It is good to know that you guys are doing all right. I enjoyed seeing the Disneyland pics.

We finally have a date for Keira's court finalization and sealing/blessing day! We are going to be doing the sealing in St. George on Dec. 27th. I can hardly wait!

I hope to hear from you soon,

cynphil6 said...

WOW!! "Another month, more progress..."

LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the update!


Robin said...

Now see, was that so hard? I was so happy to see you on Saturday - tell Jim thank you for dinner. I can't remember if I told him that or not. I loved your kids, and grandkids - SUPER family! I'll see you in a couple weeks. Can't wait.
Love ya