Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Memory of My Mother

Myrtle Mary Dixon
There is a hole in our hearts today as we note the birthday of our beloved mother. We miss her and long for the day when we will be with her again. My siblings, there are eight of us, got together and went out to eat on Friday night. We talked of Mom and how she had filled the measure of her creation. What a lovely thought! We have so much to be grateful for and having a mother like her is at the top of my list. She always had a baby in her arms. This little one is Tanner. Our Daniels little boy. She loved those babies! And we love her!

Not So Much Progress......

So I had this dream the other night. I dreamed that it was really cold, (it is) and that we all bundled up and went over to the new house to work. When we got there all the scaffolding was gone! The stucco and rock guy had come with his crew in the middle of the night and taken it all away and left the state. To Mexico. We had no recourse and just lost all our money! I was soooo sad! But I got up, went to the house and sure enough all the scaffolding was still there. But no workers. They haven't been all week long. Corey called them and they said they would be here this week. I will sleep better when the stucco is done and the rock is on! Jim and Corey have been working on the electrical stuff all week. We had hoped for a four way inspection by this Monday, but I don't think that will happen. I spent the week baby-sitting , ordering garage doors, and buying doorknobs. I play such an important part in the process, don't I? At least I'm where it is warm. Turning the heat on at that place will be huge!

This picture is of "The Auntie's" Playing teenager at Universal Studios.. It was really fun! I'm so grateful for my sweet sisters. I've missed being by them for the last few years. It's nice to be home.


cynphil6 said...

I can only imagine how wonderful your mother is, knowing you.

It is clear you carry her legacy with love, grace, and honor.


blakeandemmy said...

Thanks for the wonderful reminder of Grandma. I can still remember the loving words she said to me on her death bed. And no matter what how important family is, and because we love someone we should try and look past their weakness. And to never let that love die.I have her to thank for keeping my family together. I think that if this new baby is a girl we should somehow put Grandma's name in there... any ideas? I am so grateful for her and beacuse of her I have the best mommy in the world!!!!!!!