Monday, June 27, 2011

B.Y.U. International Dancers come to Zagreb....

The B.Y.U. International Folk Dancers came to Zagreb and did a street performance on one of the downtown squares. We were so lucky to get them, they had a three day stop in between dance festivals. They came from a festival in Hungry and were on their way to the coast of Croatia for another one. They were such cute kids and really, really good dancers. They represent B.Y.U. and the church in such a wonderful, creative,and taleted way. We were so proud to say that we are connected to them!

This cute little bug enjoyed it the most! She was just jigg'in away!

This guy was right in with all the dancers, we couldn't decide what he was doing...finally we figured he was pretty drunk and just enjoying the pretty girls and music!

Our cute missionaries in action!

We love our missionaries, they work so hard and see very little success. I would love to see them get some investigators from this. That would be icing on the cake!

Saturday morning they came to the church and performed for us missionaries and some of the members! They were just amazing! What can I say! Here are more pictures. Memories that again will last for a life time!

The Sambunjak family minus Hanah who was learning to dance in picture below.

Learning to square dance in the kitchen!

All the dancers and members (Where's Waldo?)

40 Pizzas to feed everyone.

Pack up the bus and say good-bye. What a fun day!

If any of you are wondering...yes they did perform in the chapel, It's a beautiful building, the only one that the church has built in Croatia. All other meeting places are rented. The Chapel doubles as a cultural hall, no benches, just chairs and they can be moved where ever they are needed. But you can see what a nice facility it is. Till next week, we love you all!

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Lynette Yorgason said...

This is such a wonderful thing to see! I was one of those BYU Dancers and I was just reminiscing on my experiences on the team and stumbled upon this blog post. I'm so glad to see that our performances were appreciated, that town square performance was one of my favorite performances of our entire tour because of how we got to help the missionaries. Thanks for this! :)