Tuesday, December 21, 2010

T'was the week before Christmas....

These are the things that are happening the week before Christmas:

 Our Elders are moved Monday into a new apartment. Yeah! They deserve a place that is not called for good reason, "The Cave".  We are excited for them and hope we can help them a little tomorrow.

Our little branch in Varazdin is having a Christmas program Monday night. We plan on attending with bells on our toes!

Tuesday is apartment checks, gotta love those missionaries! Hope no one comes in to check mine! Helped our missionaries move into and clean their nasty dirty kitchen. Great apartment, really, dirty kitchen..

Weds. Finish up our Elders kitchen cleaning. I sprayed the oven and need to go back to finish the job. Then do some last minute grocery shopping, (it would be nice if I could figure out what I am going to cook for our first Christmas dinner in the mission field). Does my companion really NEED a present? He says no, but my guess is yes. Maybe I can ditch him for a few minutes.

Thursday is Zone Conference, the Serbian Elders, and Senior Couple, all the Croatia Missionaries and The mission president and office couple and A.P's for Slovenia will be there. Mail call is the most important event of the day! Yeah!!!!  I understand that we have not one, but two boxes waiting for us. One from Las Vegas and one from our kids in Utah. Every parent should go on a mission before they send a kid out, so they know how wonderful and how loved you feel when you get a box! Sorry kids, if I didn't get you good boxes sent!

Friday is Christmas Eve and we will be having the Elders over for dinner.

Saturday we will be waiting for Skype to be up and running so we can be a part of as much of Christmas with our children as possible.

So we want you all to know how much we love and appreciate you. May you all have a Very Merry Christmas....Our card says it all! 


Kendra said...

Merry Christmas Jim and Debby! I love reading your posts!

Kathy said...

Merry Christmas Missionaries! I love reading your post also, and pray for you always