Monday, December 6, 2010

Hey Baby...I'ts cold outside!!!

We woke up to a Winter Wonderland last Friday. I was very happy to have a warm coat, boots and gloves.

We have winter here in Croatia! It finally arrived just in time for our wheelchair closing last Friday. We woke up to 10-12 inches of the white stuff! Now really, what disabled person is going to show up to get a free wheelchair in that kind of weather?  I'll tell you. NO ONE!!! How disappointing! But we were warned that there would be disappointing days on a mission, so we shouldn't have been too surprised. We worked really hard all week to get things organized, so it would be a perfect closing. Not once did we even think about the weather being a spoiler. Really we did work around it. We had Red Cross Representatives from Zagreb, (the capital city of Croatia), Varazdin, (our little town), and three other surrounding towns. We had the missionaries from here and the District Leaders from Zagreb, our translator, one of our members, and about 5 press people from various different media outlets, newspapers, and radio. T.V. was invited, but the weather was more interesting news for the day. Can ya blame them????  We did have Marco's grandma and grandpa come, but they didn't bring Marco because of the weather. They were not happy because they felt like it was all about them and didn't want their picture in the newspaper. What a mess!! We had to get them to understand that it was  about 250 wheelchairs coming into the country for the disabled and that their personal story was not going to be on the news. Yi! Yi! Yi! What a circus! but when it all was said and done, it really turned out pretty well. The best was Jim's little project of the week. He worked so hard to make beautiful  "Thank-You " gifts for the two main Red Cross people. The director from Zagreb and our Varazdin Red Cross director. We presented a framed picture to them and told them how much we appreciated being partners with them. We had made little plaques for the pictures that quoted King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon, " When you are in the service of your fellow man, you are in the service of  your God. " In Croatia, however, that translates, "when you are in the service of your neighbor, you are in the service of your God" So when we gave it to them, we told them that, we felt like what the Red Cross does best is to serve  their neighbors and that we appreciated all their hard work. They were visibly touched by the gifts and we hope someday that they might ask us where that quote came from. We would love to tell them about King Benjamin.
I just let Jim do all the work, while I'm taking pictures! I'm on a Picture taking mission!

King Benjamin   -  Mosiah 2:17
Marinko (Red Cross -Zagreb)  He was thrilled with his picture!
Elder Andersen, (Cardston, Canada) Elder Pashe,(New Jersey) Elder Lee, (Cedar City, Utah) Elder Nita, (Las Vegas,Nev)
If you are a mother of one of these missionaries, know that they are well, wonderful and full of life! They had just come in  from a rousing snow ball fight with each other.
Boxed Wheelchairs. The Red Cross delivered these to individuals who were planning on coming to the closing, but couldn't because of the weather. Jim and I are planning on going to visit some of them later this month.

Jim, Marinko and Marko's Grandmother, They were showing her how the wheelchair has bicycle tires so it can go outside and it will also be easier to repair.

All the Red Cross people took us to lunch at a nice restaurant and then we took off for Bosnia. We didn't get there 'till after dark and then I spent the most cold miserable night I think I can ever remember. Where is my electric blanket when I need it?  We are in this huge, three story house.and we have no idea how to turn the heat on. Turns out there is a boiler that heats water, then the water goes into the radiators. And house is supposed to be warm. The boiler needs to be turned on, the pipes opened for the water and I don't know what else, but I do know that we need a lesson on how to make the place warm before we spend another night there.

I'm not sure if I made it clear in one of my other blogs, but we have been asked to spend a little more time in Bosnia. They, ( the powers that be in Germany) want us to start holding Sunday meetings in Banja Luka and we have agreed to do that. We are to set up an apt. for a new set of missionaries to come in July. Now, we are not sure if we will be that new couple, and a new couple will come into Croatia. Or if the new couple will come into Bosnia and we will go back to Croatia. But until that time, we will do whatever is asked and right now it is to be in this house, which really is a good location and size for Sunday meetings. But did I tell you, IT'S COLD???? If only being cold could make me loose weight! Apparently my answer to cold is hot chocolate.....hummm, something wrong there.

Saturday we went to our friends house in Banja Luka and Jim split wood. (Sunday, he wasn't moving very fast) don't tell him I said that. We had a great time with our sweet friends and I got a few pictures for you.

Working Hard! Did I tell you I was on a picture taking mission? I really did help a little bit. My job was to put the chopped wood in a wheelbarrow and Vickie's little sister and I stacked it in a shed in the back yard.

How nice to know that they will be warm this winter! Nine year-old
Vanessa (my wood stacker) and Tina, not sure about these strange people at her house.

Our Sweet friend Vickie, her real name is Violetta, but she likes "Vickie"
I'm not sure, but she maybe split more logs than Jim!

By the time we were done, that small second row was all the way over to the end and up about half way up. I learned that there is an art to stacking wood. It's like a puzzle, you don't want to waste any space.

Sunday our 20th grandchild was blessed and we missed it, but with the help of Skype we visited with most of our children and enjoyed the festivities from afar. We even got to see our little Eden in her blessing dress. We are so grateful for our children and grandchildren and for all their support. All those cute little faces that reach out to us over the miles just warms our hearts and souls. We have been reading in Alma and I think how hard the missionary work was for them, and marvel at our blessings. Skype, phones, post, e-mail, and blogs. Technology is just amazing to me. Forgive me for whining about the cold. My heart is warm and my testimony is red hot and burning. I love the gospel and am so grateful for having the opportunity to serve as a missionary . We love being a part of this great work .


Anonymous said...

Hi Grandma and Grandpa- This is Lincoln. I want to know if those logs are Lincoln Logs!?

Anonymous said...

Deb and Jim
I am proud of your stack of wood as you know that is what Lloyd and I do all summer and yes there is an art to the stacking. Lloyd wants to know if you would like to swing by and borrow our hydrolic log splitter its the best invest we made. Looks cold miss ya tons tuesday is our last ward activity I will miss this calling. I love it. April is getting close and I am still on track or even ahead of schedule for my big day.