Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The White Stocking..

I saw this on a blog today and loved the idea, A white stocking to hang with the others to remind us what is really important during the holiday season.


For I was hungered, and ye gave me meat;

I was thirsty and ye gave me drink:

I was a stranger and; ye took me in:

naked and; ye clothed me:

I was sick and ye visited me:

I was in prison and; ye came to me.


Then shall the righteous answer him,

saying, Lord, when saw we thee

an hungered, and fed thee?

Or thirsty and; gave thee drink?

Or when saw we thee sick,

or in prison, and came unto thee?

And the king shall answer and say unto them,

Verily I say unto you,

“Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren,

Ye have done it unto me.”

{Matthew 25:35-40}

I was alone, and you sat by me.

I was discouraged, and you cheered me up.

I was feeling lost, and you showed me the way.

I was sad, and you cried with me.

I was overwhelmed, and you helped me.

I was grieving and you stayed with me.

I didn't understand, and you tutored me.

I was different and you didn't judge me.

just think...what gifts can I give the Savior this year?

Thanks to Angie Dunn for her great blog....I always need inspiration and this just really helped me get into the Christmas Spirit.

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cynphil6 said...

A sister gave a talk about this in Sacrament Meeting Sunday! I found a white stocking at the Dollar Tree, and we put our "gifts" to the Savior in it last night for FHE. We will pull them out next Christmas and see how we did. I loved this idea, too!
Merry Christmas!