Monday, April 25, 2011

Croatia is blooming with bikes and blossoms...

                                                          The World's Fastest Bicycle

 My bicycle's the fastest
                                                    that the world has ever seen;

                                                            it has supersonic engines

                                                      and a flame-retardant sheen

                                             My bicycle will travel  (Yes! that's a nun!)
                                                           a gazillion miles an hour --

                                                      it has rockets on the handlebars

                                                           for supplemental power.

                                                  The pedals both are jet-propelled

                                                     to help you pedal faster,

                                                         and the shifter is equipped

                                                     with an electric turbo-blaster.

                                                     The fender has a parachute

                                                        in case you need to brake.

                                                       Yes, my bike is undeniably

                                                        the fastest one they make.

                                                        My bicycle's incredible!

                                                               I love the way it feels,

And I'll like it even more,

When Dad removes the training wheels
--Kenn Nesbitt

These are just a few of the fun bicycle riders that we come across every day. Spring is here! And wow! are we ever grateful!  Croatia is beautiful in the spring, so is Bosnia. Last week we spent mostly in Croatia, preparing for our short term wheelchair specialist that are coming from Salt Lake, also Croatia is going to have the B.Y.U. International Dancers come visit in June. We had the opportunity of meeting with their director last week. We have submitted several projects that we hope will be approved this week and also had a great closing ceremony at the agricultural high school here in Varazdin. We supplied them with 4 high grade microscopes for their lab so they can do soil and food analysis. We were so surprised when we arrived, they had a wonderful program prepared for us by the school kids and a wonderful luncheon. We felt like royalty.

Easter was in Banja Luka with the Tadic family. They have a June 19th baptism date. All 9 of them, even the Grandma! We love them and are so happy for their good decision.  Our little sacrament meetings with them every Sunday are the high light of our week. Jim can say the sacrament prayers in Serbian, but our music is pretty terrible. We hope to take them to Serbia soon so they can see a real sacrament meeting, (we are waiting for passports that our friend Ed Rowe got for them). June will be a wonderful month, I need to start looking for baptism clothes for all of them...Yeah!!!! 


laurie said...

Love it!!! I miss you !!! Happy to hear you have a baptism!!!

cynphil6 said...

Love the poem! Miss you guys! So happy you are having a break in the cold weather.