Sunday, November 28, 2010

Humanitarian Conference in Germany...

What an experience! We had a wonderful conference in Germany. We learned so much from the other couples that are also humanitarian missionaries here in Europe. Most of them had really good experience and wisdom to offer us newbies. We soaked it all up like sponges!

We stayed in the church housing, right next to the Temple in Frieburg. There is a church meeting house right next the temple as well, and that is where we had our conference. We got the opportunity to go to the temple one night after we were done at the conference. It was so wonderful to be there. I have missed the temple.

We had Saturday, 20th of November to go into the town of Frankfurt and do a little sight seeing. We thoroughly enjoyed that beautiful, busy city that has so much history! And guess what?? We found an English speaking movie theatre and slipped in to see "Harry Potter" ! How fun it that?  The high light of the day I think was that we had a party in our room. Jim always said that I bring the party with me! We felt like we were being naughty, staying up until 10:30, just visiting and enjoying the association of the other couples.

The next day we attended the English speaking, International Ward . Before we knew it the week was over and we were on our way back to Croatia. Before we went to the airport we made an amazing stop however, KFC in Germany! What a kick! They even had a soft drink machine with ICE! Yeah! A perfect ending to a perfect week!
Humanitarian Missionaries for European Area
This is a wall that goes around a Jewish Cemetery. Each one of these little blocks have a name on them of someone from Frankfurt that was killed by the Nazis. Their loved ones put little rocks on the block as an outward sign of their memory. Some didn't have rocks. So I put rocks on their blocks. I remembered and was humbled by the thought of what they went through. We found Ann Franks block. She didn't need a rock.
A statue of David and Goliath. My picture taking ability is pretty bad, but cutting off David's head in this photo is nothing compared to what he did to Goliath!
Gutenberg Memorial....How grateful we should all be to the religious reformation that began here in Frankfurt Germany. Home of the Gutenberg press and the mass publishing of the Bible.
Okay.... I know this is silly, but really, isn't it so cute to have a street car dressed up like a gingerbread house for Christmas!

We did come home with a little version of this big guy. When we came into our temple housing room on the first day at the conference there was a nutcracker and a bag of goodies on the desk waiting for us. The Coltons had thought of everything to make our stay one that we will never forget!

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cynphil6 said...

Oh how I love reading your posts! And the pictures are SO fun to see. Glad you two are having so much fun! Love you both.