Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unfinished Projects

Finishing Projects....that is my new goal. I have a whole closet of unfinished projects. Most of them are sewing projects. Yesterday my sisters and I finished up the last of the Raggedy Ann And Andy dolls that we have been working on since last June. I think the count is up to 58 dolls. Yesterday was the official end. I am a little sad to close that book. We have been having such a good time. But my sisters want to start a new the" granny sweat shop " will still be open for business until I leave on mission. We're just taking on a new direction.

I am determined however to finish up a couple of baby quilts for our new baby, Eden, to be born in September. She will be number 20. So even if I won't be here...hopefully she will know Grandma loves her! I will post a picture of them when I get them done. I also have a Christmas quilt top for Crystal, (our youngest daughter) ready to be quilted. Need to get that one done! The next in line is fabric that has been in the closet for about 2 years for a quilt for Audric...I have a really fun project I'm working on with my daughter in-law, Tiffany, we are making an airplane/travel quilt for Regan. It has twelve vintage looking airplanes, going off a green and brown tarmac. So cute, can't wait to get it into the quilters. see where I'm going with this? Never ends!
Besides quilting and sewing projects, I started collecting all of my "floating recipes" and putting them in some order. For years I have had a box with all sorts of recipes in them, ones that I have collected from Relief Society, friends, on line, family and from magazines. I have sorted through them and am trying to get them into a notebook. I downloaded a cookbook program and have enjoyed getting them into some kind of order. So far I have finished soup and salads, appetizers, and have started main dishes. It will feel good to get it done and do away with the box!
Knowing that we will be gone by late summer gives me a little more focus. I am feeling an urgency to finish things that I've not felt in awhile and tie up all those pesky loose ends.


sara said...

You've been busy!! Can't wait to see what the granny sweat shop produces next :)

Robin said...

I want to be you when I grow up!

drako1122 said...

The problem with Audric's quilt is that we never set a date to get it done. ;o)
Let me know when you are ready to start it. If we set a time we'll get it finished in a snap.