Monday, August 18, 2008

Construction Begins!

Summer and Corey's garage
Pumper truck working on Palmers House
Beautiful Mountains in the Back-Ground...
15 trucks of cement ordered for the foundation.
Dean Murray and his crew will be really glad when this is done! He told me that it would be good to see this job in his rear view mirror! We really are starting! This next week will be working on foundation waterproofing and french drains. Underground plumbing will be next. I will try to get more pictures as progress continues.


Anonymous said...

How exciting! Thanks for keeping us posted on this. We sure hope everything goes well. When you decide you need to get away from it for a bit you know where to find us. :-D
Love you!

Robin said...

Hey Deb - seeeeeee I told you it would be easy to blog. You even added pictures - wow. Us grandmas can still become technology savvy.
Have a good day. Love ya

laurie said...

Hey Deb I can't imagine that you have anytime to blog! The house looks great! Now you can sing "How Firm a Foundation".
Love always

Brooke said...

It is great to hear how you are doing these days. I didn't get to say goodbye! The house is looking great, how exciting for you!!
I am trying to start a blog as well you well need to check it out.
The address is:

Thanks for the email! Talk to you soon.
Love ya!

isaac said...

Looks good, more pictures please, tell Dennis he needs to pose for a picture for your blog, tell him I said so.

Our cute kids said...

This is so exciting! Can't wait to see the finished project. I am excited to find out you have a blog! Ours is